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Privacy Policy

The company is committed through its policy by ensuring that all the personal information and data which may be shared by you as a user of Media shall be kept private and confidential. Further this is our policy to build trust and good faith among the users.

Research, Marketing and strategic business and client analysis are the important parts of the business and all the personal information and data will be kept confidential and will be used for these purposes only and for other internal purposes. Personal Information will not be shared through any of the media until and unless, you are a customer of search services, in that case with your deemed consent your personal information shall be shared with subscribers. Further, based on the enquiry or queries you listed with us subscribers may call you who are listed with us.

Subscribers may enquire you about :

Any of your product or service

Any of your listings about jobs listing, buying listing, selling listing, Rental listing etc..

NOTE: Any of the information on our website regarding News, Jobs, Rentals, Buy/Sell and other section of our website are not official.We are not be any responsible in case any news, business listing , jobs and other listings you found is incorrect.We just trying to get information useful to you with unofficial resource to make mansarovar-302020 in digital.

Unless otherwise stated explicitly, this Policy applies to Personal Information as disclosed on any of the Media.

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