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Q1) What is is a unique online media where you can latest Events or News Happenings in Mansarovar for FREE.Here people can introduce their business, can promote their business, can announce their requirements, and also can serve the service for their nearby people.

Q2) How can I Get Events Alerts on My Mobile?

Send us a Message through WHATS APP at : 7891043339 with text “Events Start” and you will be getting latest Activities on your Mobile

Q3) How can I find Events details nearby Mansarovar?

Q4) How can I list my Business here?

To list your business, you have following options:

  1. Go at, fill the form and send us.
  2. OR

  3. Call us at +91-7891043339 and tell us about your business like: Name, Phone No., Address etc.
  4. OR

  5. Email us at

Q5) How can I search here for a Service Providers?

You can Call us at : 7891043339 and we will send you SMS with provider contact details.Also there is a search bar of blue color where you can type the kind of services you need like: Gym, Classes, Sweets Shops, Showrooms, and Dealers etc. Our search bar also suggest you the services when you initiate to type the name, after selecting the service you will get list of service provides who’s available in Mansarovar.

Q6) Name of Area you have covered in

RICCO Mansarovar, Sumer Nagar,  SFS, Patrakar Colony, Dadudayal Nagar, Ganesh Nager, Iskon Road, Kesar Nagar, Thadi Market, Vijay Path, Meera Marg, Patel Marg, KV5, VT Road, Arawali Marg, Heera Path, Rajat Path, Kiran Path, Varun Path, Swarn Path, Kaveri Path, New Atish Market

Q7) What is News section here?

Our News Section provides you the news related to Mansarovar (Jaipur). Here you will get updates about, people achievements, KNOPs etc.
Also you can submit us the news about your achievement and happings in Mansarovar.

Q8) How can I promote my Business here?

Just list your business under paid or free listing, clients will search for their requirements and we refer you for the service. Also we provide mobile marketing, social media marketing, etc. for your business.
Give us a Misscall at 7 8 9 10 43 33 9 and we will call back to you.


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